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Instant Test Result & Same-day Submittal

Get immediate test result, as well as same day submittal to county/city inspection team. 


While we run the test, all necessary information is gathered through our cloud service. This means no waiting for results, they are available instantly and shared with you in PDF format, prior to leaving the premise. Test results are submitted on the same-day to building officials for a quicker turn around in order to remove the building permit condition.  

To request a Blower Door compliance test, navigate to our order page and fill out the necessary information on the property you need the test to be performed on. Once completed you will receive an immediate response that your order has been received.


We will contact you to make arrangement and confirm a test date and time. 


Blower Door Test Kit
Duct Blaster Testing Kit
Infrared, Thermography services

Blower Door Test must be conducted AFTER all penetrations of the building thermal envelope and immediately BEFORE Building Final Inspection.    

The fan used for the duct blaster is very sensitive and capable of measuring very small to very large leakage air flows.

Infrared camera essentially takes the guess-work out of pinpointing the drafts and the leaky spots within a home 

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Blower Door

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