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Energy Calculations Input Keyboard

Fast & Accurate Energy Code & Load Calculations

Blower Door Energy Experts can create all the necessary energy calculation reports for your residential permits. We ensure that whether you are submitting a prescriptive project or resolving a condition on the permit prior to closing, the number of infiltration calculated on our load calculations are in accordance to what the building official is seeking.


Manual J, S and D have been required by the building codes for more than a decade. However, with the more rigorous Florida State Building Code and consistent enforcement this means that general contractors will need HVAC design reports to confirm existing sizing, as calculated on form R405-2014.


The permitting department looks closely at the leakage characteristics submitted within the energy calculations. They pay especially close attention to the infiltration rate number submitted to ensure the accuracy of the infiltration for ACH(50)*:


“*For prescriptive projects tested leakage must be <= 7 ACH(50). For performance projects tested leakage must be <= the ACH(50) shown on Form R405-2014 for this project.”


In other words, the final blower door ACH(50) number must match or be lower than the infiltration number shown on the load calculations submitted at the start of the project, or they may request additional load calculations.


When Blower Door Energy Experts produces a Manual J HVAC load calculation, we accurately enter all the relevant data, such as the orientation of the front door, insulation levels, window types, areas of all the surfaces that gain or lose heat, and more. The output of the calculation is how much cooling and heating the house will need at peak conditions in BTU per hour for each room, each zone, and the whole house.


Key information needed:

Every house is different however some items have a greater impact on the accuracy of the load calculation:


1.        Fixed shading for windows, glass doors, and skylights

2.        Duct/ HVAC location

3.        Ceilings Insulation

4.        Infiltration rate or estimated rate

5.        Ventilation equipment and rate

6.        Floors Insulation

7.        Walls Insulation

8.        Internal gains


There may be some items you are not sure about, these can be estimated at the appropriate levels within our software.


In light of Florida's new building code regulations, and the importance placed on accurate loads and energy calculations when submitting your building permit, more than ever your company needs someone who has that technical expertise. Blower Door Energy Experts is your specialized source and local partner for fast and accurate service.

Blower Door

Energy Experts LLC

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