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About us

Blower Door Energy Experts LLC is a registered approved 3rd party tester for the county under the statute of mechanical contractor. We are your local choice for timely and accurate Blower Door Testing to obtain your Certificate of Occupancy (Business Tax #171442). 


Norm Giguere, owner/operator is a RESNET Rater (RIN #9270939) with RATERusa as the Quality Assurance provider. 


Norm is also Level 1 Thermographer with certification from ITC, he also holds certifications from Retrotec for Blower Door Operation and Residential Duct Testing Operation.


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to request a blower door energy compliance test, please navigate to our "Request a Blower Door Test" page or click this link - request a blower door test.

2347 Hidden Lake Ct., unit 5

Naples, Florida 341122
Tel: 239-249-0453




Collier County

Lee County


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Blower Door

Energy Experts LLC

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