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Our compliance testing is conducted using the the latest  technology and software available. All of the results are software driven offering precise results, we use rCloud from Retrotec to generate instant reports. The rCloud app provides secure and accurate data that includes the location where the test was performed, local weather, set-up conditions, photos and the calibration date of the gauge.

Blower Door Test Kit
Blower Door Test

Using Retrotec's latest 6000 Series Fan with the modular hard surface door panel, at the heart of the system the latest DM32 WIFI Digital Gauge. Using the strongest fan available and the digital gauge enable us to achieve the greatest measurement capacity.

Please call or email to obtain rate. 239.249.0453 or

Duct Leakage Testing Kit
Duct Leakage Test

The new US342 Duct Tester with the DM32 manometer offers a continuous range from 10 CFM to 750 CFM with a wide coverage on each range. This duct tester combined with the digital gauge helps to achieve unheard of accuracy.

Please call or email to obtain rate. 239.249.0453 or

Wireless Infrared
Thermal Imagery

The new Flir E60 helps us work more efficiently sharing imagesand detailed reports of our findings quickly. Images are saved in stunning MSX mode as well as picture-in-picture to overlay thermal onto visible images for easy location orientation and clearer documentation.

Please call or email to obtain rate. 239.249.0453 or

Blower Door

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